AF: AUTOMOTOR and AMERIGO International on the road

This morning was the first operational meeting between Sylvain ABERGEL (Marketing, Sales and Purchasing Director for AUTOMOTOR), Fabien MOEBS (Business Developer for AUTOMOTOR) and Émile BOUCTON (Business Developer for AMERIGO International), the topic of the day: the expansion of AUTOMOTOR’s distribution brand, AF. AF is now sold in more than 50 countries and continues to develop its ranges. The brand provides its importers with a range of OE quality products, tested, certified and at competitive prices. Supported by the logistics of AUTOMOTOR, AF combines the quality of parts and competitiveness in markets that are increasingly in demand for innovative products. With its 4,500 references, the private label of the French international company is one of the keystones of the independent spare parts business. AF is also a centerpiece for AMERIGO International members: with attractive bonuses, the French brand allows importers in the group to multiply and diversify their ranges. This …

Industria automotriz: community management en el sector automotriz

En pocos años, las redes sociales se han establecido en todos los sectores, y la industria automotriz no es la excepción. La industria automotriz debe ser capaz de implementar una estrategia de ataque y original para lograr una mayor influencia, un mayor prestigio, la promoción de sus productos y servicios y la formación de nuevas alianzas. Jean van Ruymbeke es el Director de Marketing, Eventos y Comunicaciones de AUTOMOTOR y desde hace más de tres años ha estado desarrollando una fuerte presencia a través de las redes sociales de la empresa. A través del micrófono de Julian Barrière para CM au Sommet, Jean hace un recuento de su carrera y de los elementos que hacen de AUTOMOTOR un líder del sector en las redes sociales. Julian Barrière: Soy Julian y hoy le doy la bienvenida a Jean van Ruymbeke. Jean está a cargo de las comunicaciones de AUTOMOTOR, una empresa …

Olivier van Ruymbeke elected Director of the FEDA

The Automobile Distribution Federation (FEDA, in French), on the proposal of its Chairman, Alain LANDEC, will now welcome two new Directors to its Executive Board. The Executive Board of the FEDA, after deliberation, validated the appointments of: . Olivier VAN RUYMBEKE, CEO of AUTOMOTOR . Laurent FERRE, President of ADIPA The FEDA is delighted to welcome to its Executive Board these two experienced Directors who will extend the discussions and other discussions to be carried out in the service of automotive distribution in France. Source:

Nomination : Sylvain ABERGEL

Sylvain ABERGEL is appointed Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Director. After working for Valeo and Geodis, he will be in charge of managing the international and national commercial forces of AUTOMOTOR, the marketing organization including promotions, events and on and off-line communication as well as purchases from different suppliers serving the growing clientele of the company. Supported by a team of nearly 6 different nationalities, the new Sales, Marketing and Purchasing Director will aim to consolidate and continue to develop the positions of AUTOMOTOR. Sylvain ABERGEL remains a member of the Advisory Board of the AMERIGO International trading group.

AUTOMOTOR se compromete

Para apoyar al país y sus fuerzas comprometidas contra el coronavirus, AUTOMOTOR está ayudando donando máscaras FFP2 a los equipos de los hospitales de Lyon y Poissy y en el ayuntamiento de Puteaux.


Russia, land of the automotive

When talking about a Russian car, we think instinctively of the Lada brand vehicles that are recognized as the best-selling cars on the European market. But this former communist country was able to stand out and produce other brands than the Lada Vesta and Lada Granta. Vehicles of the Russian brand Moskvitch, Volga and Dragon Motors are also among the most popular Russian cars in the world. Not only have they made the reputation of the Russian automotive market, they have also taken center stage. Moreover, luxury limousines, off-road SUVs, supercars or Russian trucks made the best and the worst of the Russian automobile. After two years of uninterrupted recovery, the Russian automotive market fell in February, according to figures presented by manufacturers worried by the gloomy outlook. However, Russian cars will regain their fame on the world market thanks to state subsidies according to the experts’ demonstration. In January, …


The spare parts dealer is strengthening its monitoring committee with the arrival of a well known personality from the Renault group. AUTOMOTOR has a new member for its monitoring committee after the departure of the founder of the company, Joe Lévy. Bernard Cambier will be responsible for supporting the development of the company specializing in the trading of spare parts. The new member of AUTOMOTOR served for 38 years, until 2017, within the Renault group. He held various positions there such as director of the parts and accessories division or more recently director of operations for the AMI region (Africa, Middle East and India). “His background, his experience in emerging countries and after-sales issues with car manufacturers will be major assets that will contribute to the development of the company,” comments the president of AUTOMOTOR, Olivier van Ruymbeke. Since the takeover of the company in 2016 by Pechel Industries and …

2019 events

International company, global presence. This year 2019 is therefore placed under the sign of the internationality of our actions. You will find our AUTOMOTOR, AMERIGO International and AF teams during: . Equip Auto Alger l March 11-14 l Algeria . Automechanika Istanbul l 04-07 April l Turkey . AMERIGO International Seminar Lyon l April 09-11 l France . Automec Sao Paulo l 26-29 l Brazil . Automechanika Moscow l August 26-29 l Russia . Equip Auto Paris l October 15-19 l France . Automechanika Shanghai l November 27-30 l China

AF – The brand for Mechanics

Present for more than 40 years in all emerging markets, the AF brand is now available on the French market. With ranges covering more than 90% of the fleet, an attractive price positioning and national distribution which will be fully ensured by the end of June by the network of 10 GPI platforms, AF is positioning itself as an alternative for repairers in search of competitiveness. 40 years of experience in all markets AUTOMOTOR France has been present for 40 years in more than 70 markets. While the company initially represented major brands (OEMs or manufacturers) in emerging markets, particularly in Africa, it very quickly developed its own brand: AF. Why ? “Guarantee our customers parts with specific features adapted to the strong constraints of their markets, while remaining affordable”, explains Olivier van Ruymbeke, President of AUTOMOTOR. The range is now over 4,000 references with a deployment plan underway at …

2018 – 2019

Dear Friends, This year 2018 was marked by many events which together we managed to overcome. Fluctuations in oil, currency crises such as those of the Turkish lira, the Tunisian dinar, the Iranian rial or the Russian ruble, the American sanctions, as well as the evolution of the regulations for the importation of coins as in Algeria, Tunisia, in Argentina. Despite this, a large number of you, thanks to your skills and agility, have been able to develop and improve your profitability. Well done ! In this context, AUTOMOTOR has succeeded in securing its turnover, developing new partnerships and opening new markets to compensate for the slowdowns mentioned above. We continued our modernization and our major projects. We will therefore deploy our new IT system in the first half of 2019, which will help improve our logistics flows, and therefore offer you even better service. We will also provide you …