Lucid Motors, the new luxury electric vehicle manufacturer

American brand, Lucid Motors joined the pioneers of electric car construction. With its unique model, the Lucid Air, the brand is positioned as one of the best to offer a luxury electric car. Combining design, innovation and technological engineering, Lucid Motors could soon become a world-class manufacturer.

Luxury in electric cars

Created in 2007, Lucid Motors is an American brand of electric vehicles. Located in the heart of Silicone Valley, California, the brand competes directly with well-known brands such as Tesla, Fisker Inc. and Faraday Future. The brand wants to offer luxury, but also an architecture out of the ordinary of what a car should be. Engineering and innovative technology, futuristic design, the electric car from Lucid Motors is the luxury version of its competitors.

At the origin of this company are automotive engineers and designers from major manufacturers like Mazda and Tesla. At the beginning of its creation, Lucid Motors was called Altieva. The company exhibited its first prototype at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2016. The Air Alpha Speed Car predicts a speed of 378 km / h.

The Lucid Air, which will be the brand’s first electric vehicle, was presented in December 2016. This vehicle promises 400hp electric propulsion with three battery packs. Production of the Lucid Air begins in early 2019.

In search of financing for the production of the Lucid Air, the manufacturer has developed several partnerships with international manufacturers, in particular Ford. Saudi Arabia ultimately invests US $ 1 billion in the brand.

Pre-orders in Europe were launched in January 2020 while the Lucid Air has been officially presented since September 2020. On September 9, the automaker hosted a conference to officially launch the Lucid Air electric sedan, a direct competitor of the Tesla Model S.

Lucid Air: the brand’s first model

The first model of the electric vehicle from Lucid Motors is called Lucid Air. It was released in September 2020. It will be marketed in the United States and Europe from the year 2021.

Lucid Air design

The Lucid Air is a vehicle with unusual proportions for a sedan. Short cabinet and hood, it is distinguished by a dominant interior. A clean line and without artifice, the body of this sedan is characterized by light curves that could optimize its aerodynamics. Its curves vary depending on the version of the vehicle. It should be noted that the electric sedan is available in four versions: Air, Touring, Grand Touring and Dream Edition.

The interior of the car

The Lucid Air is offered with the Space Concept architecture. This model has the largest cabin for an electric car, being able to contain a vast trunk of 739 liters of volume.

Inside the cabin you can glimpse a digital instrument panel with a 34-inch 5K curved screen. Lucid Motors finally rolls with a screen is also arranged at the level of the central console while tactile and manual buttons allow to adjust the air conditioning. We will also note on board the Lucid Air a modification in the rear seats. The vehicle offers a three-seater reclining bench and not two individual seats. At the front of the vehicle, there is a more sporty appearance of the car while the rear offers a more relaxing ambience reminiscent of the NIO brand models.

The electric sedan also stands out with its glass roof which leaves a passage open to the light. This allows the car to benefit from a greater headroom.

A digital control

As for digital control, this is provided by Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. It allows, among other things, to control navigation, to manage telephone calls, but also multimedia streaming. Remote updates will be operated on the digital control through OTA. A dedicated application also helps optimize the driver experience. In addition, a facial recognition system will also be integrated on board. Good bases for one day arriving at autonomous models.

The technical characteristics of Lucid Air

The Lucid Air has a battery with a capacity of 113kwh with a voltage of 924V. Its range can reach up to 834 km depending on the version. For faster charging, the Lucid Air has provided a charging power of up to 300Kw. The battery could charge in just 20 minutes.

In addition, the Lucid Air also incorporates V2G or Vehicle to Grid technology. This technology allows part of the energy stored by the car to be returned to an electrical network. This will allow recharging at home or in V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle). Lucid Motors is finally rolling in the face of increased competition in Europe.

There is also a slew of high-tech devices on the Lucid Air: high-resolution sensors and cameras. Autonomous Driving Level 2 can support over 19 features such as traffic monitoring, emergency braking, sign recognition, automatic cruise control and more.

The 4 versions of the Lucid Air

Lucid Air, the entry-level model from Lucid Motors could have an output of 400hp, its range and maximum speed have not yet been revealed. This model will be offered at a price of $ 80,000 and will be expected in 2022. It will be the last version to be released.

The Lucid Air Touring has an output of 620 hp. with a range of 653km. Its maximum speed is estimated at 249km / h. This model will retail for $ 95,000 and will be released in 2021.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring will have an output of 800hp and a range of 832 km. Its maximum speed is estimated at 270km / h. Priced at $ 139,000, it will be on sale in mid-2021.

As for the Lucid Dream Edition, expected in spring 2021, it has a power of 1080 hp. and a range of 809km. Its maximum speed is estimated at 270km / h. With improved options and a design that it will be the only one to benefit from, this car will be marketed for $ 169,000.

Lucid Motors is finally running.