2018 – 2019

Dear Friends,

This year 2018 was marked by many events which together we managed to overcome. Fluctuations in oil, currency crises such as those of the Turkish lira, the Tunisian dinar, the Iranian rial or the Russian ruble, the American sanctions, as well as the evolution of the regulations for the importation of coins as in Algeria, Tunisia, in Argentina. Despite this, a large number of you, thanks to your skills and agility, have been able to develop and improve your profitability. Well done !

In this context, AUTOMOTOR has succeeded in securing its turnover, developing new partnerships and opening new markets to compensate for the slowdowns mentioned above. We continued our modernization and our major projects. We will therefore deploy our new IT system in the first half of 2019, which will help improve our logistics flows, and therefore offer you even better service.

We will also provide you with our RELIABLE catalog, which will eventually allow you to quickly order parts, based on reliable and validated crossovers between manufacturer and equipment manufacturer references.

Our AF range has finally grown considerably. Our available AF stock has more than 1000 references. More importantly, we have launched our new ranges on our export markets, such as Tunisia, Algeria, Reunion, Uruguay and for several weeks we have been present on our domestic market: France! We are at the disposal of all those who wish for the first time to test the effectiveness of our AF offer!

With 25 of our partners, we have become shareholders of AMERIGO International. The company was launched last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Contracts with more than 15 first-tier equipment manufacturers are almost finalized and will be fully operational from the beginning of January 2019. We are listening to those who would like to join us on this large-scale project that will bring together our strengths to face the challenges of tomorrow together! I am sure that 2019 will also mark a new milestone in our relations.

We have decided to reorganize our company to better meet your needs, be ever more responsive in your markets and effectively develop our offers. Sylvain Abergel will now be AUTOMOTOR’s sales director.

For the vast majority of you, your contacts, especially sales representatives, will not change. If this is the case, from the beginning of January Sylvain will accompany you in this change.

At the end of this year, allow me to wish you on behalf of all the employees of AUTOMOTOR a happy and very happy new year 2019.

See you soon,

Olivier van Ruymbeke CEO

Le Luminis, 91 rue Jean Jaurès 92800 Puteaux Tel. : +33. (0)