The spare parts dealer is strengthening its monitoring committee with the arrival of a well known personality from the Renault group.

AUTOMOTOR has a new member for its monitoring committee after the departure of the founder of the company, Joe Lévy. Bernard Cambier will be responsible for supporting the development of the company specializing in the trading of spare parts. The new member of AUTOMOTOR served for 38 years, until 2017, within the Renault group. He held various positions there such as director of the parts and accessories division or more recently director of operations for the AMI region (Africa, Middle East and India).

“His background, his experience in emerging countries and after-sales issues with car manufacturers will be major assets that will contribute to the development of the company,” comments the president of AUTOMOTOR, Olivier van Ruymbeke.

Since the takeover of the company in 2016 by Pechel Industries and Olivier van Ruymbeke, the trading company has started to expand, notably driven by the launches of its own brand AF and AMERIGO International.