Sales Administration: the keystone of AUTOMOTOR

Becoming the independent French leader in the export of spare parts around the world did not happen overnight. It is in particular thanks to the determination and professionalism of one department that AUTOMOTOR has over the years been able to forge a strong reputation: the Sales Administration department, headed by Alexandra LAURENT.

Working for AUTOMOTOR since February 2007, Alexandra LAURENT is now Head of Finance, Human Resources and Sales Administration. Three departments bringing together around ten employees for nearly as many nationalities. To match the international purpose of AUTOMOTOR, the teams are French, Turkish, Algerian, Senegalese …

The work of Sales Administration at AUTOMOTOR is plural:
. Order tracking
. Just in time delivery
. Compliance with Incoterms and terms of regulation

The combination of these elements allows Alexandra LAURENT and her teams to deliver thousands of parts per year to more than 70 countries. It is mainly thanks to this service, from which AUTOMOTOR owns its fame, that the company was able to stay the course at the beginning of the year, and continue to show unprecedented stability in the sector.