AUTOMOTOR participated in the AMERIGO International convention – Dubaï 2021

Press release

Paris, December 20, 2021

AMERIGO International: Successful convention in Dubai

From December 16 to 19, AMERIGO International gathered its members and suppliers together in Dubai for the second international convention in its young history. An opportunity to present many new solutions including E-RELIABLE, the digital platform dedicated to international trade in spare parts for passenger cars and trucks. During the convention, the members TITAN GROUP and AMERIGO TURKEY, and the supplier SBS received an award.

AMERIGO INTERNATIONAL is an international service provider that brings together the skills of distributors who have an equity stake in the project, and suppliers seeking to expand in emerging markets.

Just four years after the project was launched at Equip Auto 2017, AMERIGO INTERNATIONAL now brings together 35 suppliers and more than 60 members operating in 35 markets and generating an annual turnover of close to €1 billion.

Our mission is to offer solutions to medium-sized importer-distributors that give them access to top-tier suppliers and modern technologies and tools, exactly like a European distributor,” explains Olivier van Ruymbeke, CEO of AMERIGO INTERNATIONAL. “We are providing them with the tools to growing their business in an increasingly complex environment.”

More than 100 professionals gathered

Despite the latest developments in the health crisis, the response from suppliers was very positive. More than 20 suppliers attended the convention in person, while others mostly participated via video conferencing.

All of AMERIGO INTERNATIONAL’s partner suppliers are OE suppliers – traditionally located in Europe, but also in emerging countries. “The supply problems affecting the global market in the long term validate our choice of suppliers based in Eastern Europe and around the Mediterranean region, which, in addition to their impeccable technology and product quality, are extremely competitive in terms of price and service,” Olivier van Ruymbeke continues.

More than 20 approved suppliers attended the Dubai convention. They were able to meet each of the 26 importers on site, sometimes for the first time, and assess the development opportunities on offer. Organized as part of the Automechanika Dubai trade show, one of the only international shows able to go ahead physically in 2022, this convention delivered great productivity to the 26 importers who visited from four continents!

We are pleased and proud that our members came to this convention, despite the concerns about the global health situation,” states Emile Boucton, Deputy Director of AMERIGO INTERNATIONAL. “Over the past two years we have adapted to virtual interactions, but nothing can replace human contact in our industry. That is why we did our best to set up more than 300 face-to-face meetings.”

A rich and varied program

This second international convention was an opportunity to take stock of the development of AMERIGO INTERNATIONAL, which now has 60 members. “We have doubled our number of members in the last 18 months. And we still have many opportunities for development, particularly in Africa, Latin America and the Balkans,” Emile Boucton emphasizes.

As an indication of the Group’s dynamism, its logo has been slightly redesigned to include the stylized “A” used by all AMERIGO GROUP entities: AUTOMOTOR, AUTOMOTOR LOGISTIQUE, AMERIGO GROUP and E-RELIABLE. This is a powerful symbol of the Group’s ambition, growth and dynamism.

Also announced was the creation of AMERIGO Turkey, which combines into one regional organization 12 Turkish distributors representing €100 million in turnover. “This unprecedented step for our organization will enable us to better meet the specific needs of our Turkish members, who will consult and coordinate with each other, particular in terms of defining the range,” explains Olivier van Ruymbeke.

Presentation of the E-RELIABLE digital platform

One of the highlights of this convention was undoubtedly the official presentation of E-RELIABLE, the digital platform dedicated to international trade in spare parts for passenger cars and trucks.

Based on a catalog covering 188 car brands, more than 46,000 models, over 1.5 million part numbers and more than 3 million intersections between vehicles and parts, E-RELIABLE enables all those involved in the automotive aftermarket supply chain to interact, place orders, identify the parts they need and have access to the technical documentation for the models in the database.

This offer, designed with global coverage from the outset and using eight languages and ideograms including Russian, Chinese and Korean, was presented at the Dubai show prior to its deployment in January 2022.

“E-RELIABLEis a brand new digitalization tool for the entire automotive aftermarket supply chain: suppliers, importers, distributors, retailers and repairers,” Olivier van Ruymbeke explains. With Dubai putting on its World Expo this year, we are now offering a tool that can be used worldwide and across the board by all players in the market.”

The convention closed with the General Meeting of Shareholders, which approved the admission of new shareholders and members who will be announced shortly, as well as the new Advisory Board.